The vision of the Trust is based upon our desire to assist the village and the area which we serve to secure the social and economic regeneration of the village for the benefit of local residents. This vision seeks:



Lynemouth Community Trust is here to make Lynemouth and the surrounding area a great place in which to live, to work and to visit and to provide focal point for outside agencies to deliver a positive future for the whole community

We believe that the Trust is at the centre of the regeneration of the community providing and encouraging practical, deliverable and economically viable projects that make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of Lynemouth residents.


Aims and Objectives

We have a number of aims and objectives that we are working towards. Our aims look to secure the best possible outcome for the community whilst recognising the impact of local regional and national policy on developments.

The focus is to consolidate on our past and continuing successes, build upon them and take Lynemouth and the surrounding area including Ellington and Linton (the ELL area) onwards in conjunction with both existing and new partners as the new single unitary authority comes into operation.

Our aims therefore are: